Process Outsourcing

Our Business Process Outsourcing is aimed mainly at businesses that require independent evaluation, reporting or processing that can be executed more efficiently and at a lower cost by an external specialist partner.

People™ started service in this area to support its existing clients in performing more efficiently, accurately and cost-effectively. Today, major organizations have outsources significant business processes to People™ in order to facilitate growth by:

  • Achieving long-term cost savings
  • Achieving IT-enabled business transformation
  • Allowing management to focus on core business
  • Gaining access to best-in-class skills and capabilities
  • Achieving service quality improvements

Processes that can (and should) be outsourced include but are not limited to:

  • Physical Verifications of Consumer Loans
  • Applicants Residence & Office verification
  • Reference Residence & Office verification
  • Bank Statements Verification
  • Staff Antecedent Verification
  • Previous Employment Reference checks
  • Educational Qualification checks
  • Registration Services

Clients of Process Outsourcing Include:

  • ACCA
  • Huawei
  • Faysal Bank Limited
  • International Organization of Immigration
  • Mashreq Bank