Training & Development

We wish for our clients to aim higher through investment in their people. As corporations worldwide take on training & development initiatives to polish the skills and competencies of their workforce, People™ facilitates such activities with the vision to optimize utilization of the human resource. Concurrently, we aim for overall development of the staff at a personal and professional level.

People™ develops and conducts customized corporate training workshops for courses specific to our clients’ requirements.

Some of these mandates Include:

  • Strategy & Organization Performance
    • Strategy Formulation Workshops
    • Defining Mission, Vision & Core Values
    • High Performance Forums
  • Behavioral Skills
    • Conflict Resolution Skills
    • Team Building Sessions
  • Individual Performance
    • Performance Management Process
    • Goal Setting & Facilitating High Achievement
  • Customized Trainings
    • Prepare & Organize Training Methods and Prepare Material
    • Develop Evaluation Strategy